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Abstract Submission

Abstract must be submitted in English in an electronic form as a text file (preferably in Word for Windows) as an e-mail attachment Attention: Abstract may be, as you like, from one page to 5 pages The A4 page with margins 2.5 cm above and below, 3.5 cm left, 2 cm right). Authors are requested to type the abstract according to the instructions below

Aims and scope

Hystrix - The Italian Journal of Mammalogy accepts papers on original research in basic and applied mammalogy concerning living and fossil mammals. Manuscripts can be published as extensive articles and reviews (with a maximum of 16 printed pages including figures and tables), and as short communications (not exceeding 4 printed pages). Proceedings of symposia, meetings, workshops and articles exceeding pages (more than 16) can be published with the approval by the Editor in Chef and the Executive Editorial Board.


Submission of manuscripts

Three paper copies of the manuscript or a PDF file (by e-mail) should be sent to the Editor in chief: Claudio Prigioni, Dipartimento di Biologia Animale, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Piazza Botta 9, 27100 Pavia, tel. +39.0382.986304, fax +39.0382.986290, e-mail: .

The submission of the manuscript implies that the work has not been published before, is not being considered for publication elsewhere and has been approved by all authors. Authors submitting a manuscript automatically agree to assign exclusive copyright to the journal if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication.

Receipt of the manuscript will be confirmed immediately by e-mail or normal mail. Manuscripts will be submitted to reviewers for evaluation of their significance and soundness. Authors will be notified of acceptance, rejection, or need for revision within one-two months.


Manuscript structure

Manuscripts should be in English or Italian and must be written with double space and wide margins (almost 3 cm). Pages must be numbered. Authors should indicate in the left margin the approximate location of figures and tables in the text

The extensive articles should be structured as follows: Title, Abstract (in Italian too), Key words, Text, subdivided in sections (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion), Acknowledgements, References. Papers in Italian must contain an exhaustive summary in English. Short communication should be structured without subdivision of the Text with an Italian Abstract. The first page should include the Title, the author’s name(s), address (es), fax, e-mail, up to five key words, the Abstract and a running title (no more than 45 characters).


References. Citations within the text should be made according to following examples: “It was found (Bianchi, 1970; Rossi et al. 1981a, b; Bianchi and Rossi 1990) that ….; Bianchi (1970) and Rossi et al. (1989) found that …” References should follow the Acknowledgements in alphabetical order and in the format of the following samples:

Azzaroli A. 1982. Insularity and its effects on terrestrial vertebrates. In: Montanaro Gallitelli, E. (ed.), Proc. First Int. Meet. “Paleontology, Essential of Historical Geology” (Venice, 2-4 June 1981): 193-213

Delany M.J. and Happold D.C.D. 1979. Ecology of African mammals. Longman, London, 434 pp.

Mattioli S., Meneguz P.G., Brugnoli A. and Nicoloso S. 2001. Red deer in Italy: recent changes in range and numbers. Hystrix It. J. Mamm.(n.s.), 12(1): 27-35.


“Unpublished data” may be mentioned in the text, but not in the references. References to manuscripts “submitted” or “in preparation” are not acceptable.


Tables and illustrations. They should be limited to those required for clear communications. Photographs should be submitted as good-quality, black and white, glossy prints with clearly legible labels. Only original and high-quality drawings will be accepted. All figures must be consecutively numbered and should bear the author(s) name(s). Tables and legends of illustrations should be written double-spaced on separate sheets. Do not incorporate the legend in the figure itself.


Printing procedure

The Authors should consider all suggestions proposed by reviewers, carrying appropriate changes before of submitting the final version of their manuscript.

After a paper has been accepted for publication, authors must provide the final version of the manuscript joined to the text file on diskette or CD ROM ISO 9660. Alternatively authors can send manuscript by e-mail complete of tables and figures in Doc prepared with Word for Windows or RTF format. Complete instruction for the diskette preparation will be sent together with notification of manuscript acceptance.

Proofs must be returned to the Editor in chief within 10 days. Correction on the proofs can be made only in the case of factural errors. Reprints are not foreseen; a file PDF will send to the authors after the publication of respective papers.

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