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There will be a scheduled one poster session; the presenter should be at their poster during that time.

Poster should be no more 1m wide by 1.5m height

The organisers will supply material to attach the poster onto the panels.

Presenters are expected to be at their posters and ready to discuss them during the coffee break/posters manned session.

Poster Presentation Suggestions

In the planning of your poster presentation remember that the poster will be available for viewing and discussion from Monday to Friday. The poster should be understandable without oral explanation. The illustrations, text, etc on your poster should be readable from a distance of 2 meters. All lines should be heavily drawn. Typed materials should be on the largest typeface available. When planning your poster presentation, aim for clarity and simplicity. Make an initial rough layout, keeping in mind the proportions of figures, tables, and text. Figures should dominate and text be kept to a minimum. Be clear and concise in all statements. Include your objective, the design/methods, the results and conclusion. The objective of the work should be stated. Experimental details should be concise. Tables and conclusions should be clearly stated. Where possible, organise tables and figures chronologically in vertical progression. Avoid the temptation to overload the poster with excessive text and data.

Oral Presentations

Talks are 20 minutes in total, approximately 15 min for your talk and 5 min for questions.

Presenters will not be allowed to use their own computers because of the time it takes to switch between different computers.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to adapt the length of talks to accommodate the conference timetable.

Oral Presentations with PowerPoint:

Presenters in all sessions should use PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint presentations should be prepared for use with PowerPoint XP in a PC compatible format.

If you have developed your presentation with an earlier version of PowerPoint, or have developed it on a Macintosh, it may not project properly. We encourage you to preview it on a PC with PowerPoint XP BEFORE arriving at the meeting.

Please bring your Power Point presentation to the meeting on a USB Memory Device and/or CD.

Be prepared to load this onto the computer before the start of the session.

Please arrive early the morning of your talk to ensure that your presentation is properly saved on the computer.

Please label your CD with your name and contact information.

CD needs to be readable by a WIN PC

Backups are a great idea!

Oral Presentations with Slides

Use only 35mm (2 inch x 2 inch)

Bring your own slide carrousel with slides already organized


It is suggested, but not required, that the presenting Author bring a one-page handout conveying the essence of the poster allowing the interested parties to contact the presenter outside the confines of the meeting. It is often difficult to visit every poster of interest, and providing a handout of the sort described is one way of maximizing the audience for the poster, and facilitating information exchange about it.

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