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Morphology and physiology


1.      Amori G., Annesi F., Cristaldi M., Fanfani A., Locasciulli O., Reichegger D., Solida L., Szpunar G., Zaghis I. - Preliminary identification data of Apodemus sylvaticus and A. flavicollis through morphological and genetical analyses


2.      BELHOCINE m., GERNIGON-SPYCHALOWICZ t., EXBRAYAT j. - Collagen and elastic fibers accumulation with fibromuscular stroma proliferation in Libyan jird (Meriones libycus) seminal vesicle during sexual quiescence of reproductive cycle


3.      BENMOULOUD A., ZAHAF S., KHAMMAR F., AMIRAT Z. - Testicular influence on the adrenocortical activity in a Sahara desert rodent, Psammomys obesus

4.      Choshniak I., Mualem R., Taube E. - Electrolyte transport and carbonic anhydrase activity in the colon of an herbivorous rodent - the vole

5.      Frynta D., Mikulová P., Sádlová J., Slábová M., Vohralík V. - Sexual dimorphism in small rodents: measuring Plato's ideas?


6.      Kaci-Ouchfoun N., Abbadi M.C., Hadj Bekkouche F., Gernigon-Spychalowicz T. - Purification, preliminary characterization and immunohistochemical localization of POSVP21 in the sand rat (Psammomys obesus) seminal vesicles


7.      KEDDACHE A., AMIRAT Z., KHAMMAR F. - Influence of castration on the genital tract in the Saharan gerbil (Gerbillus tarabuli)


8.      Klenovšek T.- Secondary sexual dimorphism and age variability in the cranium of the European souslik, Spermophilus citellus (Linnaeus, 1766)


9.      Menad r., Berger M., Lécher P., Gernigon T.- Epididymal proteins of a desert rodent Psammomys obesus Cretzschmar, 1828 : cytohistologic and biochemical studies


10.  Muñoz F., López-Fuster M., Ventura J. - Morphological integration and covariation patterns of the mandible in a Mus musculus domesticus Robertsonian zone


11.  Naroun A., Djediat R., Abdelouahab-Boukroufa M., Hadj- Bekkouche F. - Effects of TRH injection on the testicular activity in the wistar rats.


12.  Neggazi S., Hamlat N., Benazzoug Y., Othmani-Mecif K., Kacimi G., Aouichat -Bouguerra S.- Experimental hypothyroidism and hyperlipidemia in atherogenesis at Rattus norvegicus


13.  Sadi-guettaf H., Hadj Bekkouche F. - ACTH effect on body weight and thyroid during rat’s growth


14.  SEMIANE N., DAHMANI Y.-Morphological and histochemical liver disorders in Gerbillus gerbillus submitted to high carbohydrate diet


15.  Smaï- Hamdidouche S., Gernigon-Spychalowicz T., Khammar F., Exbrayat J. - Evolution of estrogen and progesterone receptors vaginal in the Meriones libycus living in Beni-Abbes area, Algeria during the reproductive cycle: immunohistochemical study


16.  Mathias M. , Monarca R., Santos S., Mira A., Ramalhinho M., Amaral J. - Physiological responses of fossorial pine voles (Microtus duodecimcostatus and Microtus lusitanicus) to life underground





17.  Anisimova A., Gromov V. - Parental care in social vole, Microtus socialis: experienced males are more active than females


18.  Begall s., Frieling s., Wegner r. E., Burda H. - Distant heat perception in Zambian mole-rats, genus Fukomys, Bathyergidae


19.  Chistova T.Y., Osipova O. - Sexual behaviour of bank voles (Clethrionomys glareolus) in nature and in experimental groups


20.  Kam M., Khokhlova I. S., Degen A. A. - Partition of energy in altricial and precocial rodent pups


21.  LEBAILI N., SAADI L., BENDJELLOUL M. - Ultrastructural variations of the pituitary intermediate lobe and the glomerular zone of the adrenal cortex in the hydrated and dehydrated gerbil (Gerbillus pyramidum)


22.  MENDONÇA P. - Observations on the nesting habits of Apodemus sylvaticus in woodlands


23.  MENDONÇA P.- Orphaned pup survival in wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) and bank voles (Clethrionomys glareolus)


24.  Nováková M., Vašáková B., Charvátová V., Galeštoková K., Kutalová H., Průšová K., Šmilauer P., Šumbera R., Frynta D. - Secondary sex ratios do not support maternal manipulation: extensive data from laboratory colonies of spiny mice (Muridae: Acomys)


25.  SAADI L., LEBAILI N. - Effects of chronic hydration on the adrenal zona glomerulosa of the gerbil, Gerbillus pyramidum: an ultrastructural and morphometric study


26.  Tikhonov I., Tikhonova G., Osipova O.- Transformation of daily activity patterns as a strategy to avoid intra- and interspecific competition in Microtus arvalis and M. rossiaemeridionalis


27.      Verplancke G., Le Boulengé É. - Do bank voles discriminate the odour of a familiar conspecific from the odour of an unfamiliar conspecific?


Phylogeography and biogeography


28.  Berdyugin K. I., Bolshakov V.N. - Ecological patterns of grey-sided vole (Clethrionomys rufocanus) spread and habitat distribution in areal


29.  Castiglia R., aNNESI F., FILIPPUCCI M.G., BUSCEMI A., TUCCINARDI P., AMORI G. - Mithochondrial variability in a glacial relict, the snow vole Chionomys nivalis (Rodentia, Arvicolidae)


30.  DUPAL T.A. - The influence of climate late Pleistocene on distribution and number rodents in mountains western Siberia


31.  Ivashkina V. A. - Distribution of the edible dormouse in Russia


32.  Karataş a., Sözen m. - A review of the distribution of family Gliridae in Turkey


33.  Solano E., Corti M., Castiglia R., Amori G. - Chromosomal speciation, phylogeography and colonization of Aeolian islands by Mus musculus domesticus


34.  ZIMA J. - Selected population-genetic parameters of small mammals along anthropogenic barriers


35.  PAVLOVA S., BYSTRAKOVA N., KOWALSKAYA Y., GOLENISHCHEV F., BULATOVA N. - The boundaries of some chromosome forms of small mammals in European Russia




36.  Blagojević J., Jojić V., Bugarski-Stanojević V., Adnađević T., Vujošević M. - Are frequences of B chromosomes in populations of yellow-necked mouse, Apodemus flavicollis, influenced with type of habitat?


37.  Franchini P., Capanna E., Castiglia R., Verheyen E., Corti M. - Microsatellites in a comparative study of two contact areas between chromosomal races of Mus in Central Italy


38.  Hulová s., Sedláček F. - Population genetic structure of European ground squirrel in the Czech Republic assessed by microsatellites


39.  PETITJEAN A., MONTUIRE S., RENVOISE E., QUERE J. P., TOUGARD C. - Mitochondrial DNA gene diversity and morphological variability of the French common vole (Microtus arvalis)








40.  Paci A.M., Croce M., Raggiotti L., Convito L. - A new trophic resource for the big rodents Hystrix cristata and Myocastor coypus: Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum


41.  Khammes N., Aulagnier S. - Diet of the woodmouse, Apodemus sylvaticus, in three habitats of Kabylie of Djurdjura (NE Algeria)


42.  Lantová P., Lanta V. - Which factors influence feeding preferences of the common vole?


43.  Monarca R., Nunes A., Ramalhinho M., Mathias M. - Ecological characterization of chromosomal races of the house mouse from the island of Madeira


44.  Simone I., Provensal M.C., Polop J.J. - Small rodents’ presence and abundance in field’s borders and its relation with environmental variables, using remote sensed data


45.  Suchomel J., Heroldová M. - Influence of pheasantry environment on diversity of small mammal species


46.  Tapisso J., Mathias M., Ramalhinho G. - Genotoxicity evaluation of three heavy metals, Cadmium, Lead and Zinc in bone marrow cells and male germ cells of Algerian mice (Mus spretus Lataste 1883).


47.  SANTOS S., MATHIAS M., MIRA A., SIMÕES M. - Road verges as habitat for the Cabrera vole: a vegetation analysis


48.  Tormen N., Tassoni T., Guidolin L. - The ecological behaviour of one Apodemus spp. population in the area of Villiago, Triva, Pasa (Belluno, Italy)




Population dynamics


49.  BARTON K. - Seasonal dynamics of Microtus voles in relation to habitat productivity – preliminary results


50.  Lisická L., Heroldová M., Losík J., Tkadlec E. - Sampling and systematic error in a burrow index to measure relative population size in the common vole


51.  SUCHOMEL J. - Population of Clethrionomys glareolus in three isolated forest complexes in rural Southern Moravia (Czech Republic)


52.  Tioli S., Cagnacci F., Aimi A., Stradiotto A., Rizzoli A. - Density estimates comparison of a radio-tracked population of yellow-necked mouse Apodemus flavicollis


53.  Rosário I., Mathias M. - Post-fire recolonization by the endangered Cabrera vole (Microtus cabrerae)


54.  GREGOR P., LISICKÁ L., TKADLEC E. – The predictive effects of large-scale climatic variability on population growth rates in the common vole




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